Tuesday, December 29, 2009

long short week...

well...it's that time of year where the week is short but feels long. we're stuck in limbo...sort of. every year between christmas and new years we slow up. people go on vacation...kids are off of school...people to busy shopping for work? who knows but it always happens. we were busy there for a minute because of the last minute gifts and whatnot but now...we just sit and wait.

to all messengers...hold strong. thats the best advice i can give. the new year is just a week away and...if all goes as usual, we'll be busy, busy, busy. tax season is upon us...yay? i say yay with a question mark cause it's fun for messengers to be busy but not so fun in the office. sure it helps pass the time but the damn phones will not stop ringing. i know, i know...quit your b*tching...sorry, im an ex-messenger, bitching sort of comes with the territory...ha!

bring a book to read this week kids...better days are coming...peace.

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