Monday, April 14, 2008

tax season...

i am tired...tired, tired, tired. sure i wasn't the guy riding but today just got to me. from the minute i sat down to the a few minutes after i left...i'll explain. it's tax season in the u.s. and anyone that works in the messenger field knows that these are the busiest days in our lives. i worked with 6723, 6706, 6731, 6463, 6665, and 6629. occasionally i heard from others but mainly worked with these cats.

6723...he usually works the ten to six shift. no big deal. today, thank God he checked in an hour early. the minute he showed up i hit him with about four quick runs. didn't give him one break. around one o'clock he calls me that he needs to pound down a quick burger from mcdonald's or something...needs the energy. no problem...i worked him hard all day, the least i could do is give him 10 minutes to breathe. i gave him his break but called him every two minutes to see if he was ready to go...i know that must have been annoying but as he put it..."why are you apologizing? we're finally busy i just needed a quick ready to roll".

6706...worked him just as hard. the thing that sucks is that this kid kept getting stuck waiting at docks and the elevators were not kind. not to mention that at times his packages were not ready or people were taking their time signing for've got to be kidding me. it only takes two minutes tops to get a sig but for some reason some drops were just taking forever. i really wish that would've never happened to him. i wanted to hook him up all day but the elevator gods were against him.

6731...bless this mans soul. he was not feeling good at all...he called me after about 15 runs or so wanting to go home. he said he would rock out a few more but definitely was not feeling it. he would call me coughing up a lung and, at times, sounded like he was vomiting. holy sh*t!! he was a true soldier...i told him that i could really use his help as long as he could cause we were just stacked with work. the man stayed until about 430 when i dished him his last run. not one time did he say..."thats it, i just cant anymore". instead, he apologized for going so slow today...what?! i owe him big for today.

6463...his a bit older and not as quick as the three mentioned above but he rocked out the work for me as well. we did have a couple of orders that we(we meaning him and i) messed up on. there was some miscommunication and packages were not picked up or packages that were not supposed to be picked up were. really sucked...all we could do is apologize to the client and let them know that the next available messenger would fix the problem. i apologized to six-three for the communication problems because i could tell he was beginning to get frustrated...i hoped it worked cause we're gonna need him tomorrow.

6665...the minute she showed up she let me know that she was hurting bad. she knew we needed her and she stuck it out for as long as she could. she stuck around till about three and just couldn't bike anymore...oh wells.

6629...he's pretty slow. also a bit older but still works hard. the way i have to dispatch him is give him as many orders as i can and just hope he gets them done in time. i usually don't bother him until he calls me clean. other messengers i can take them off their routes but not messes everything up. he still rocks out work but at a different pace.

these last days for taxes can be very tiring both mentally and physically. yes, it is very tiring for the dispatcher also...i have to deal with alot of upset clients as well as dish out proper routes to get the work done in a timely manner. all while taking other orders and dealing with rechecks, meaning tracking down packages and looking for pod's.

the days have been slow so my crew doesn't seem to mind me keeping them rolling. i hope i didn't overdue it with them because we have another day of madness ahead of us and i will definitely need my crew to bring their "A" game...peace.

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