Friday, April 18, 2008

day off...

i had the opportunity to take the day off on friday...finally. i've had days off before but it felt like a long time since my last day off. this one was especially nice cause the weather was great, i got to ride around town, and i got paid for it. i stopped by 4star to drop off some brews for helping me out the other day. it was good to talk to mike g...always a cool cat. didn't get to see any of the rest of them cause they were busy rocking out the work.

from there i took off towards madison and wacker were i got to say hello to the lovely gina. she loves and hates messengers as much as i do so it's always a great time talking to her. plus, i get to hear all the latest gossip going around town. you know, who's still working, what companies are rocking out work, who's locked up, who's dating who, and so on. always a great time with gina. while chilling there with her i was hoping to see some faces and taking pics of them...only two cats showed up that i knew.

jerry...i've known this cat for some time now. he works at arrow with me so he doesn't quite count as an old face. he doesn't look fast and his bike definitely doesn't either but this man is a least when he shows up(ha!). he's a good man and isn't afraid of me pushing him to the limit...did i just say that?

raul...i met raul way back when i used to messenger. he was always good to know, always said hello, let me bum a smoke, and was just a chill cat. we always keep meaning to meet up and catch some fire games but never do...oh wells.

i rode towards thompson center where alot of cats hang out...didn't recognize anyone. didn't bump into anyone else the rest of the day. saw a few cats but they were busy riding and didn't want to disturb them. don't know what i was expecting...i should've known better. this industry has one of the highest turnover ratios that there's no way i would've recognized 50% of the riders out there. it was still cool to see gina and nice to see some old faces riding around.

it was also very nice to have the day to ride around downtown...why? cause i got to see all the construction going on...this is crucial for a dispatcher. now i know what streets to expect delays on and i get to see new buildings going up. the building thing is especially important cause sooner or later we're going to get work coming out of them and i need to be able to help my crew get to them. i need to be able to understand what my crew is dealing with. alot of times dispatchers lose touch with what goes on out there...sure, alot of things stay the same but if i can understand and witness new obstacles the crew has to deal with then i can be that much better at my job...peace.


Damara Kaminecki said...

next time you should go to the North Branch Trail and hang with the deer and hybrid bikes.

Jeff said...

Thanks for the brews man. Sorry I missed ya. We finally caught some business. Gipson was dispatching the slickest morning yet. Ol' boy had the vision and every puzzle piece was falling into place. You know how that goes. Can't slow up, staying in that groove gets contagious.

Still though. Sucks I didn't see ya... said...

we'll catch up sooner or later...had to get you cats something for the help...hope it was good.