Monday, April 14, 2008


when riding out there sometimes you have no choice but to come up with innovative ways to keep the bike rolling. i'm sure everyone who rides a bike knows the dollar bill trick...if there's a gash in your tire just fold up a dollar bill and place it between your tire and the tube and you should be ok(for a minute). sometimes you have to just deal with a slow leak so you pump your tire up every three drops or so. if you lose your lock you place the lock through the the wheels to make it look like it's locked and hope to God no one takes it. you can use tubes to tie up bigger packages on your back or on your bike. never have i seen this...

6723 swears he's been rocking his bike like this for quite some time doesn't look safe and it doesn't look like it works but the man is fast and i won't question how or on what he does the work...peace.


Shaka said...

Yeah, today I had to try the 'dollar trick' for the first time, and I'm sure glad it worked.

The Locust said... - thats a chain tensioner. you use em to get proper chain tension for a SS setup on a bike that has vertical dropouts. its way more popular in MTB than road biking. but that looks like a surly singulator run in push up mode. said...'s a singulator but i think it broke or something, right? he's got it rigged with a tube to hold it in lost it's tension or something.