Sunday, April 13, 2008


the days haven't been too bad lately...sure, they could be better but it's been steady. before the day even starts i get a call from triple-6-5...

6665...hey julio. up?

6665...hey, im headed in. starting a little late.

...not sure why she calls to tell me she's running late. i/we're pretty used to her being late. it's not a huge deal cause six-five is a bit older...not that it matters much but i/we do take it lighter on her. let me know when you get in and i'll check to see what pops.

6665...alright. remember, i only need 15 today.

...i know, i know. 15?! there's no way others want to just have 15 but six-five isn't as strong of a rider as others and, as i already stated, she's a bit older than most of our other riders. you would think that getting her 15 in a day would be easy but it has been slow...this is the main reason she pushes for 15. it's a liveable amount of runs...crazy but true.

the same happens with 6464...everyday is a little different. he doesn't quite say that he's only looking for 15. instead, i hear from him sometime after lunch time...

6464...ok. lets see. im at city hall and i only need 7 more. well, today is your lucky day. i think we can make that happen. head to 21 clark for three.

...sometimes he calls me and says he needs three more, sometimes 2, 8, 5...and you get the idea. the point im trying to get at is that work has been slowly picking up but in the meantime some of our cats have figured out how many runs they need a day to be able to have a good enough check for the week. it sucks that it's come to that but hopefully things will pick up again.

although, it was nice the last few days when we were able to go over their six-five put it... long as there's work i'll stay all day and all night. other than that...give me my 15 and im ok.


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