Monday, April 21, 2008

up, down, and sometimes...

well...what do i say? 6463 calls me...

6463...six three. up?

6463...hey, im at the drop but can't drop it. why? stuck in the elevator. don't know what to do.

...i start laughing. i mean, why not? there's nothing i can do but laugh at poor 6463's misfortune. the day was slow and the last thing he wanted was to get stuck in the elevator. you always hear stories but in my entire career in the delivery business i only recall one other person i know to get stuck. i asked six-three if he hit the emergency button and talked to security. i asked him if there was any nice looking ladies locked up with him but our phones started breaking up and didn't quite get a response.

i call up the company sending the package and inform them that their package might be late. the receptionist can't believe whats happening but understands. she calls the company it's going to so that they can call the security of the building to let my messenger out. i think he was locked up for a total of 20 minutes or so...might have been less. either way, as a messenger, even if it was only for 2 minutes it probably felt like 4 hours. he got out, delivered the package and all was good.

today wasn't a very busy was somewhat steady at times but nothing to write home about. the good thing about today is that it finally seems like the good weather is here to stay...

sure it looks a bit rainy but warms days from here on in...peace.

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