Thursday, April 10, 2008

for once...

i finally have a pretty good story to tell...i know im usually reporting how bad things are but not today. today i won't tell you about how 6689's bike went down and he was forced to walk all the way back to base. front axel finally bit it and the rear one is very close to saying good-bye...sorry kid is all i could say. i won't tell you about the 30mph winds and the sideways was a damn near typhoon out there, all day. it was non-stop rain and wind...i am not even exaggerating. how there was so much work i couldn't give my guys too many breaks to let them take a breather. the best i can do was give enough time for a cigarette now and then but then i had them hustling again.

today im gonna tell you about how to make things go by quicker through these hectic days. anyway, im going to tell you about good friends. today was a friend of ours(i say ours meaning the little crew we hang out with) birthday...jessie, sure she's vegan but damn is she cute. well, now the bridge of communication begins among a few of us about what to do...we came up with the idea of having jeff perkins from cuttin'crew to deliver some flowers to her. why perkins? well, when you click the links you'll know why...ha! i place the call to fourstar where josh picks up and answers...

josh...hey, whats up julio? need a favor kid. i need perkins, and only perkins to deliver some flowers
to a friend of mine. it's her birthday and we want to get her something special.

josh...sure, umm...what do you need?, the trick is that i can't pay you cats till later and perkins is gonna have to find a flower shop somewhere...then he has to buy whatever he finds and take it to the lovely jessie. problem.

...i didn't get to dispatch the order but perkins did call me to see what the details were. i inform him of the situation and he says no problem. this is what i love about messengers. they come through no matter how bad the weather is. thank God the flower shop was just around the corner cause i can't imagine perkins riding around with the balloon and roses through this sh*t.

soooo...long story short, this is me publicly saying how much i love messengers...especially fourstar for coming through on the silly order and my crew for rocking out all the work in these nasty days...peace.