Saturday, April 5, 2008

he's back...

6688 is back. remember he was the one who got doored and broke his fingers...well, it was nice to hear his voice again. the man is very good and very fast. he finally was cleared to sure his fingers are in working order again...maybe?!

also, we got an old face working with us...6731. i worked with him at my last company and it was good to see a familiar face come over. he's also very good and fast(notice i didn't put "very"...ha!). anyway, the man started his first day of work on thursday the 3rd of april. he rocked out just the way i remembered...he lives up north so he was able to help the car board late in the day. around 530ish i dished him about 3 car runs headed towards his home. it was perfect and just as i remember...he doesn't mind the work(even if it was starting to rain).

well, on friday things were rolling fine. customers weren't complaining, i had my crew rolling steady, and no complaints from the bikers...i know, i know...messengers not complaining?!! anyway, it's around five o'clock and i got a couple headed on the north-end...i call up 6731 to take care of them..., 3-1

6731...yeah? got two going north. rock them out for me?

6731...sure. umm, i would like to stay in the loop today if you want me to stay that cool?, i got you.

...he picks them up and begins to head north. after he pops out of cityfront he heads north and gets doored!!

6731...hey julio... up? what up?

6731...i just got doored...what should i do? should i stick around and fill out a report? to you bro.

6731...umm, im ok but my front wheel is jacked up., i say fill out a report but if you don't need to go to the hospital thats cool with me. that way we can avoid all the drug testing bizz and having you clear for work and stuff.

6731...umm, im not worried about that.

...well, i tell him to stick around and handle what he's got to do. i'll send someone to pick up the two going north from him. he stops me and says that he's just gonna head out and rock the last two packages. he'll ride his wheel the way it is even though it's waaaaaay out of true. i ask him again if he's sure but don't really push too the end, it's up to him and he obviously rather get paid in full for those last two.

i called everyone left out to call it a day and i start to get ready to leave. 6731 calls me back and says he's clean and is headed back to the loop. what?! the entire time im thinking he's going to drop the two and then head home cause he just got doored but...i was wrong. the man wanted more work...fu*k! i really wish i had work to give the man but believe when i say that i will do my best to hook him up.

this is what i love...cats who want to work...peace.

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Anonymous said...

hard working homie.