Sunday, January 27, 2008

maybe its the weather?

a couple of posts back i talked about 6637 getting hit by a bus and breaking his nose and pinky. he also was barely able to move around. well, he came back on friday...i could not believe it. we tried to keep him on short runs, strictly envelopes, and, for the most part, one at a time. there was no need to work him hard, even though he probably would not object, so we eased him back to work. he said he felt good but still was hurting...when you need the loot you can deal with a bit of pain. either way, it was good to hear his voice and it was good to know that the hit didn't scare him off the bike.

funny thing, we get 6637 back but, on the same day, we lose 6688. he has a late start cause he's part time but is very good at what he does. rides fast and never says no. very similar to 6637 so its funny that the accident happened to him. not sure where it happened but he ended up getting doored by a lady coming out of a cab. he said the lady freaked out and he felt bad for her so he just told her not to worry about what happened and let the lady and cab go. can you believe that? he's crazy. anyway, he calls me up...

6688...eighty-eight. up?

6688...i just got doored. i think i broke two fingers. im fine but im not gonna go to the hospital cause they'll probably just tape them up and thats no big deal. umm...did you get info? you sure you're okay?

6688...yeah, im fine. i think i'll just clean up cause im hurting a bit, then im just gonna head home. serious? you sure you dont want me to send someone to pick up what you got? you sure you dont need anything?

6688...yeah, i'll be okay.

well, he cleaned up and fairly quick. he calls back and says he's clean. i send him home and tell him to keep me posted as to how he's doing. im sure he's fine but if it was me who broke fingers i probably would've gotten a whole police report and cried during the whole situation.

on another note, i'll be working the third shift to cover for someone going on vacation...not a big deal but im gonna miss dispatching my soldiers...peace.


Rachel said...

Calling the police is good. The city then has a better idea of how many accidents there are. She may have been nice, but she may have also broken the law by not checking to make sure the road was clear.

hope the guy is ok. said...

not much i can do...i can report it but if 8-8 doesn't want to then im not going to but you are right...he should.