Thursday, January 3, 2008

new year...

the new year has started and it's been a slow start. not so much with work because its been steady enough to keep guys rolling but with bikers just trying to cope with the coldest weather of the winter season so far. the day starts off with a degree of 0 and somehow creeps up to the low 20's. i know the theory of, if you keep moving you're fine, but in this weather its hard to even consider moving. the cold weather digs into your lungs and makes it very hard to also have to deal with salt the city has layed down making it impossible to have to try and make your legs move.

guys dress up differently...some lighter, and some with more layers. the key to this is to try your best to keep your hands, feet, and head warm. heat exits the body at these points and if you keep them warm or covered up then you "should" be okay.

not to mention that while keeping your body covered may be easy you somehow have to come up with a happy middle where you are mobile enough to deal with getting off and on the bike, taking your bag off, and moving through the buildings...all this while making sure you're warm.

our percentages haven't been where we want them to be for a few reasons...cats showing up late, not showing up, or just random spurts of too much work. all this would not be so much of a problem if it wasn't for the cold. getting up and convincing your body that everything will be fine is alot harder.

everyday 6589 bikes in from the 100's...what? why? i have no idea. why won't he throw his bike on a bus rack is beyond me. as much as i have had my differences with this man he bikes in everyday and works no matter what the weather is like. he bitches and complains but days like these past few in the new year have warranted him slack and respect.

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