Wednesday, January 16, 2008

rookies and sorry's...

so we have a new crew coming in...sort of. we are slowly trying to get more people hired so that we get more people to show up and cover the work...especially in the morning. i recognized 6686 the minute he showed up to apply...i knew he would be hired. i told the other dispatcher that i remembered seeing him out there for the longest time and that the company could use a vet. he remembered him also and agreed with me. anyway, i haven't had the pleasure of working with him for an entire day but we did get to exchange words the other day..., 8-6

6686...finally, some professionalism would be nice. have no idea what you're talking about. the other dispatcher is busy right now...what are you up to?

6686...i've been waiting for the longest time already. i dont know what im picking up except something out the hancock.

at this point i let him know about his runs and he's happy again...i think. anyway, work starts to pile up a bit and i call 6686 again cause he's still up north and i need a few picked up and brought back into the loop.

6686...whats up? your holding two for west superior and huron then go ahead and hold the one for base and pick up one out of sedgwick for the loop.

6686...what? why? just let me drop the one for base...why should i go all the way back to the loop and have to come all the way back? got time on the one for base, just hold it. i'll get you back north with other packages. i need this sedgwick covered and either way you have two in the neighborhood your already dropping.

6686...why? just let me drop the one at the base that way we dont have to think about it anymore.

at this point i tell him to go ahead and do what he wants...i dont have time for cats that want to dispatch themselves. its pointless for me to be around in that case. i take the job off of him and tell him to just forget everything i had told him and just clean up.

6686...say... now?

6686...just give me whatever, i'll do it. just tell me what to do. already did and you didn't want to so forget it. i'll figure something out to cover the other jobs. just clean up and if you call me one more time and you're not clean then im gonna show you some true stand by.

6686...where's the other dispatcher. him already and stop talking to me.

i felt like a jerk but not really. my dispatching was questioned and, even though i know this cat has experience, he's still a rookie. he doesn't see what i see on my board just like i dont see the traffic he's got to deal with or how strong the wind is. he didn't see the northwest side starting to blow up with work. he didn't see that i had other riders loaded up already so i couldn't pull them off to go get this work. i got frustrated with him and he finally figured it out. he cleaned up and called me back...

6686...say, i just want to apologize for getting off on the wrong foot. it wont happen again. worries kid. whats your location? just apologizing but im by the mart holding one. up two on kinzie and call the other dispatcher...

on a good note, we got free cupcakes from swirlz bakery on belden somewhere. they look amazing but aren't that great. either way, it was nice treat to a frustrating day...peace.


Simon said...

Another good one, Keep 'em coming!

sugar said...

actually i have had cupcakes from swirlz before. the regular ones are quite yummy. im sure if you guys got the regular ones instead of the gluten free ones youd love them.