Friday, January 11, 2008

an apology...

im sorry to my crew for abondoning ship yesterday. usually it isn't a big deal because we have to bike dispatchers and one can always pick up the slack from the other. anyway, yesterday the other dispatcher called in sick and i showed up but after a couple of bathroom sessions it was time to go. i abandoned my crew around 11ish or sorry. the reason for my apology is because i left the board to the city/car dispatcher and he is not used to everyone on the board or how to dispatch a more rapid paced board. i know how bad it can be when your dispatcher doesn't know how to set you up properly...legs will be hurting.

today i called and was happy to hear the other dispatchers voice. my fever keeps jumping from 102 to 98 back to 102. i know people won't believe me but i do worry if the jobs are getting done...not just done, but done in a way that doesn't make the messenger ache...peace.

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Simon said...

Get well soon,, Chicago needs you.