Monday, January 7, 2008


when i use to ride i never once asked what i was picking up or dropping off. every once in a while i knew that what i had was worth alot of money because of all the paperwork i had to sign saying that i was the one making the delivery. also, at time you take care of fillings which isn't a big deal...consulate runs and so on.

i've posted about dispatching on saturdays big deal. all the work is car or van work. this past saturday i was extra bored so i decided to kick my feet up and watch t.v...i grabbed a cooler where i could place my feet and on it was a sign that said..."dont forget to bring extra bags for the eyeballs" i came to realize that our company does organ deliveries for certain hospitals.

even now i dont ask what the messenger is picking up...i do get details as far as, box vs envelope. i also know that i would not be surprised if one company decided to have a bicycle courier deliver an organ. there's always stories that go around about some cyclist delivering a liver(which i heard not to long ago) or, i believe it was mark the spark, carrying around a goldfish...goldfish? the craziest thing i've had the pleasure of delivering where some very, very, expensive expensive? in the six figures...the only way i know is cause of the paperwork.

it never ceases to amaze me the things people trust my messengers with but how little respect they get...peace.

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