Wednesday, January 30, 2008


so, as i stated before this week i have been covering for the night dispatcher. not a huge deal but i miss out on all the fun throughout the day. i looked out the window before heading off to the new shift and chicago is under a winter storm of sorts. winds are about 30 mph, there's snow everywhere, and the temp went from mid/high 40's to single digits in less than 24 hrs. i dont envy the other bike dispatcher because i know what this shows, call-ins, and everyone slows up.

i looked up the ten day forecast and it seems as if the temps are gonna range from the teens to the thirties...this does not include the wind-chill factor. the forecast also shows snowy and wet days. cold and wet do not go together at all. packages will definitely be late this week and next.

now...what to do? bikers are gonna have to keep their head, hands, and feet dry and warm. they're gonna have to look for spots to stay warm...messenger centers, thompson center(100 w. randolph), 7 eleven's, libraries, dunkin donuts, and my all time favorite...the front seat of gina's truck.

pic by mareesha...

gina(the pizza lady on madison just east of wacker), the messenger mom, will always take care of you. she carries a bunch of random things in her truck to help out messengers...extra jackets, pants, and so on. the best part is that you can stop by and buy a cheap slice of pizza and she'll let you enjoy it in the front seat with the heat at full blast.

i wish i was around to help deal with the stress that these next few days will bring. hope everyone stays warm and stays safe...peace.

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