Tuesday, November 16, 2010

dre day...

yesterday was a special day...many got together to remember a good man...andre gordon. it was nice to come out and hang out with old and new heads. catching up and sharing stories...always feels good. andre was/is a special man...he made many feel good and welcomed. i dont recall the man ever feeling down and out...always upbeat. as corny as it may sound...i never really heard him mention family...why? cause we were his family. chicago, im sure like many other cities, has a close knit messenger family. although we may not all get along...we all have respect and love for each other. dre...well, he was like the father of the family. naw...he was more like that crazy uncle...ha! he would just sit with you for a beer, a smoke, or to just plain talk. you will be missed...peace.

my scanner is horrible. for those interested...come out to cals around 530 and roll to union park in memory of andre gordon.

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