Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving...

today is a very special day. not only is it thanksgiving but it is also exactly one year ago that my son, wolf granville saravia, was born. talk about things to be greatful for. lets do the, friends, food, a roof, a job, football...ha! honestly, it's hard to put into words how grateful and thankful i am that our son came into our lives. im thankful he's healthy, active, intelligent, handsome, and the list goes on and on.

we watched him go from this...

to this...

he loves to smile, cry, laugh, whine, wrestle, stare you down, run, play, sleep, eat...oh man. i can go on for years talking about my little man. he's been...well, beautiful. if you're can watch him as we did here. we mainly did that site for his grandparents who live in florida but also for other friends and family who live far away and wanted updates on the little man. i dont blame them for wanting to know what he looks like on a daily basis. waking up to him can be a pain(ha!) but, most of the time...brings a HUGE smile to your face.

i cant end this post without being grateful/thankful wife. she is...for lack of a better word, amazing. never mind all the small things she does on a daily basis...cook, clean, and so on. she also...loves me. i have never in my life felt love like that...someone who would give everything and anything to just hold your hand. when i say goodbye to go to work...she smiles at me. when i say hello to her when i get back from work...she smiles at me. when we wake up...when we go to sleep...she smiles at me. its a feeling that breaks me down every once in a while. sh*t...i might cry right now...ha?

i am thankful that she came into my life. have you ever felt something like that? i rarely hang out with anyone anymore...why? because i rather be at home with my wife. i rather sit around and talk about nothing than go out. not that i dont like hanging out with my friends and family but i hate missing moments with my wife. when i am away from her im constantly emailing her or texting her. just seeing what she's up to...updating her on what im up to. why? not because im some weirdo...wait, that might be the reason...ha! but because i want to share as many moments as i can with her...even when we're not with one another.

this thanksgiving is the most special thanksgiving in my life...i get to spend it with my wife and my 1 year old son. remember to hug those you love and dont be afraid to tell them you love them...peace.

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