Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the kid with the glasses...

my wife and i walked into barneys new york one random summer day. we were cruising on our bikes and decided to stop in and say hello to a friend. Lord knows i cant afford anything in there...ha? he was nowhere to be found. we asked one of the employees if she knew who sean was but she just looked at us like we were making it we didn't know someone who worked there. we say..."you know, the kid with the glasses"...she immediately knew who we were talking about.

i laugh sometimes at sean being known as "the kid with the glasses"...why? mainly because i think of it as a ufc main event of sorts. you this corner we have CHUCK "THE ICEMAN" LIDELL!!! and in this corner we have SEAN "THE KID WITH THE GLASSES" CALLAHAN!!! hahahahaha! i mean come on...thats funny. alright, alright...that might only be funny to me but still. you are greatly missed in peace.

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