Friday, September 5, 2008


again...stolen from moving target...augie's comments on the naccc's situation...

this is likely a horrible idea for me to weigh in on this in any public forum, but i’m kinda tipsy after a shitty day at work, so fuck it. i just wanted to clear some things up. i did ask both kim and austin, face to face if they are current messengers after some concerns were expressed by a number of folks present at the naccc. they both gave me a yes and i was fine to take them at their word. i also inquired about jojo, as she is apparently from europe and perhaps no longer a messenger, and i really don’t know everyone on the goddam planet. i was assured that she is currently working part time and going to school in NYC.

i’m willing to take all of them at their word as i couldn’t imagine that any of these folks would be able to live with themselves for taking the opportunity away from an actual working messenger representing north america at the CMWC. by the way, as far as i’m concerned, anyone who’s taking a break from the job to sort shit out, take a sabbatical, etc. is all good in my book.

as a side note, i was really impressed, though, with some of the former chicago messengers that are no longer in the game that told me that they wouldn’t be registering as messengers as they’ve moved on. that’s some fucking class to step aside and let the folks out there dodging cars, putting up with bullshit attitudes, and doing what makes sense to them to get by in the world for the time being get the opportunity to represent their town, country, etc at the CMWC.

this sucks, by the way, and takes away from the joy of putting on a fairly successful weekend of friends and friendly competition. if anyone is bullshitting me, fess up please, ‘cos i’m prone to obsess and now i’ve got a focus and i really need some fucking sleep.

i’m sure this book is as boring to you as it is to me by now. who gets a check? augie.

p.s. c’mon, seriously?

augie...i hope i haven't said anything to piss you off. personally, if their word is good enough for you then it's good enough for me. i do hope no one is lying but...peace.

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