Monday, September 8, 2008

helper!?!?!'s quite a few things that bother me when im dispatching but the number one thing or, at least, top five would have to be...

city dispatch...hey scott, got a helper?

...damn it! the last thing me or scott want to do is lose a biker to help move a van load. first off...who knows where the job is at. for all we know we can lose the biker from 30 minutes to 4 hours...who knows? you can never plan it out right. you have to be willing to lose a guy for an extended amount of time with the notion of possibly losing him for the entire day...f*ck!

well...we look through the usual suspects. 6629, 6612, 6463...6612 is the ideal candidate cause he's a walker. he's one of two walkers we have. the main reason we have him is so that he can help the car boards life easier. you know...pick up packages and deliver packages for drivers so that they don't have to go around in circles looking for parking. two-nine is also an ideal candidate cause he isn't very fast and probably would make more loot helping with a van load and we would be ok on the bike board. i know that sounds sh*tty for me to say that the man isn't fast and stuff but the reality is that he's a bit older and part-time for a reason...oh wells.

sometimes we're stuck to having to give up one of our better guys...6689, 6731, and whatnot. that really sucks cause if the bike board gets hit with a huge rush we get stuck trying to cover the work with half-a-crew and not a full crew. we go from not losing a guy who rocks out 2 packages per hour to losing a guy who rocks 6/hr.

oh well...i guess thats just the way things go sometimes. in the end the work has to get done at any cost. just figure it out is the mentality of the higher-ups and don't come up with excuses. we try to make it happen but sometimes making it happen comes back to bite us in the a**...peace.

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