Wednesday, September 3, 2008

oh sh*t...

i apologize for stealing this from moving target but i had to...i am also a fan of drama...

I’ll be the first out here to say it.

And, I say this out of not disrespect, disdain, or even dislike for the lady, but I’ve been encourage to express the frustration and shock that most of us back in new york feel over the fact that Kym Perfetto claims to be a New York bike messenger.

More than anything I think we are shocked that our friends have been lied to and our community duped.

Personally I feel that this has gone on too long to stand by and say nothing for a third year in a row. I think most of you will find that many of us working everyday agree about this (I encourage them to say something as well).

After the Philly NACCC – after being challenged that kym had never worked a day as a messenger – she did take a four hour, once a week shift sporadically at a company called streetwise. I saw her as much accordingly. In December she was hired at elite, a chance for her to work at a well reputed company in new york, and – as my dispatcher put it this morning – worked a few times in about two or three weeks. She has not been back to elite since. I work there. FULL TIME.

Apparently, are several other companies she claims to work for. I find it hard to believe that so many full time messengers have failed to see her on the streets.

I understand the complications this raises about what constitutes actually being messenger, ex messenger, etc etc. I know this may get into an ugly debate. But I believe these are issues that need to be discussed when people start working the bare minimum to be qualified in races we work tirelessly to throw for the hard working and talented in our community.

As one of the few women out there, I find this particularly frustrating as there are so few of us out there who love this job, fewer who work everyday (for god sakes, even part time), and even fewer with the kind of talent in takes to place in a national/international race. I would like to honor those ladies in this message.

I appreciate those who may take the time to respond or refute.

Elite Messenger
New York city

“Messengers for a Messenger Championship”

Lord knows chicago shares alot of this drama. i rather not name names but there are those who classify themselves as messengers even though they are not currently working messengers. honestly, i think it's a shady move. i don't know kym at all and i don't think i spoke one word to her so i cannot weigh in on whether she is or isn't a messenger. what i can say is that if she isn't then she's gotta (wo)man-up and give up the title and the prizes. messengers rarely get a light to shine on's the little simple things such as a national messenger championship that can brighten one's day up. i keep wanting to say "we" but those days have come and gone for me. by being a dispatcher im still a part of the messenger community but would feel guilty/bad claiming to be a messenger and taking advantage of it. im pretty sure there was a non-messenger category...why not race that?

the industry rarely gives a messenger respect...clients, cabs, security, and, well you get it. no need to disrespect them by taking what isn't rightfully yours. there are plenty of races dedicated for any and all in the bicycle community throughout the world. this one is named the north american cycle courier championships...COURIER.

kym...i would love to hear your side of the story so if you read this please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail so i can post it for you and clear your name or simply comment. sh*t...i guess you don't really have to say a word but...well...peace.


Buffalo Bill said...

Blogged your response! This is getting incestuous... said...

ha! no sh*t...keep me posted as to how things unravel in case i don't hear anything...peace.

pv. said...

Even if she doesn't work as a messenger, she obviously is one hell of a biker. said...

couldn't agree more...she's obviously very good at riding a bike but...well...peace.

Anonymous said...

If she works for streetwise, wouldn't that make her homeless? Ahaha I'm a jerk.

pablo from nyc said...

the decision by the organizers has been made and there is no way that a petition or a personal attack is going to do anything positive to attain solidarity in our community. if she is so concerned, cassandra would have started a petition to change the structure of the limitations of registration rather than going on a personal vendetta crusade. said...

fair' was brought up and i thought it should be cleared up. i never doubted the lady's skills just what she did for a living. augie cleared it all up so i have no more doubts and have moved on...peace.