Friday, September 26, 2008

that sucks...

well...the week was kind of slow. it had it's moments...mainly cause cats have been showing up randomly and not as scheduled. it sucks for us, meaning the dispatchers, cause we have to clean up the board but without a proper crew even ten runs seems like alot. happens from time to time and with work being slow i understand cats not really wanting to show up to work. actually, it's funny how it works sometimes...some cats won't show cause they need a day off for when it's busy and sometimes they don't show cause of how slow it's been and they need a day off to just think sh*t out.

the point of this post wasn't really to complain but i figure i would throw some in just cause i still belong to the messenger community and if there is something we're good at it's complaining. that being said, i got a call from 6646 the other day...

6646...four-six. up?, you won't believe the last half-hour or so i just had. i don't know what happened. for now, let me get you these p.o.d.'s, what happened?

6646...first this man almost doored me and we got into a yelling match. he threatened to kill me or something. then as im coming into the alley for 135 this construction worker pulls me off my bike, literally. he points up to the air at something saying i should be careful but when i look i don't see anything. anyway, my phone fell and fucked up for a minute.

...honestly, what do i tell him? poor kid. i laugh because...well, it was funny when he told me the story and i reacted. i did ask him if he would like some time to chill cause i don't want a biker out there all pissed at the world and stuff. thats when most accidents happen or when cats get banned from buildings for taking their anger out on some security guard...not good.

today i got a call from 6706 around 1500...i think. anyway, all i hear is, "i got doored"*t! here's one of my good guys from the crew going down. not that there not all good but this cat is pretty damn fast...

6706...yeah, im ok but i have to take care of this. sure your ok? umm...well, how's the bike?

6706...the wheel is a taco but yeah, im good., get all the info. i believe you get 24 hrs to make a report of an accident. so take care of that and make sure you get an estimate. then call up the person who hit you and call them up and see if they want you to file with the insurance or if they rather pay out of pocket.

...i try to do my best to tell cats what to do but ultimately it's up to them. the main reason i tell cats what moves to make is cause after an accident they're probably not thinking straight...rightfully so. he tells me he's going to jump on the bus and take care of his bike situation...if he can. i hear from him later that all is well...sort of. bike is still down but he's ticking and still ok and the bike can be damage to frame which is always good. new wheel and fork or some sh* sure everything will be fine with the whole situation. as long as cats walk away from accidents it's always a good day.

eh...actually, it still kind of sucks...peace.

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