Friday, September 5, 2008

they come and go...

well...fall is upon us. not quite here but i know it's very i can tell? well, it's not the leaves or the weather but instead it's the changes in the crew. 6637 has decided to move on with his life. what he is doing i have no idea...i didn't ask the man. at this point i've seen many say good-bye to me that asking would just be routine instead of me genuinely wanting to know. i know that sounds harsh but it's true. i do wish the man luck...i had the pleasure of enjoying a couple brews with the man. although he may not remember...ha! he's good people and again, i wish him the best of will be difficult to replace a man that was at work day in and day out without one complaint.

we also lost 6745...she's decided to listen to people and finally try and get an education. many messengers join the industry while finishing up school or with the promise of wanting to continue/begin there education. unfortunately, not many make it all the way through and come back. i know, i talking sh*t on the industry i've been a part of for a while...why? well, you can make this job work for you but for many...the job ends up working them. i wish 6745 more than positive i will bump into her around town.

in other news 6717 has decided to come! like i said before...i have no idea why she left but it was nice to see her come back. especially when we lose two good messengers it's good to get another good soldier back in the ranks. so...welcome back seventeen. i know scott is happy to have you back.

another familiar face came to apply for a job the other day...i rather not say her name. as you cats can tell i usually stick to numbers...why? well...just cause i guess. anyway...i know she starts soonish. i won't be around but i know she'll be in good hands with the other bike dispatcher while im gone. i've known her for a long time and was happy to see her come in. i've never worked with her in the same company but have shared many stories within messengering. can't wait to get back and test her skills...ha!

my same old phrase of "they come and go" has never been more suitable...peace.

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jules45 said...

yeah man, its arron's b day today. lets all kick it. thanks for the good wishes.