Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the first 40 seconds...

in the first 40 seconds of 30 rock liz lemon is seen walking and talking about starting a new life. right at about 40 seconds she gets hit by a cyclist...maybe a messenger? in any case...i thought it was funny and am just posting it to post...ha!

it's a new beginning like a phoenix rising...or, this is gonna be the worse day ever

remember people...keep your eyes peeled for cyclist/messengers out there. maybe it was the cyclist believing that the day was a new beginning until ol'liz lemon decided not to pay attention and make it the worse day ever for him...ha! this post is silly...please...nothing to see here.

on a similar note, my good friend aaron is down and out for alot longer than was originally thought. sucks kid...hope the surgery goes well. he'll be off the bike for over 12 weeks...wtf?! told him not to get to comfortable sitting down...next thing you know he'll be one of me...dispatching...peace.


jeff kao said...

I just watched that episode of 30 Rock last night (I know I'm behind on the times) and I thought of Dispatch 101 and your take. Ha!

j.dot said...

haha! you know...as i was writting the post i realized it turned into a gun-ho cycling advocate type of post...that was not my intention but i was too lazy to delete it...ha!