Wednesday, March 11, 2009

now what?

well...i guess now we sit and wait. we wait for the much debated stimulus plan to run it's course. i wonder how long we have to wait? what am i getting at?'s f*cking slow!! companies all over the city are cutting corners anywhere they can and guess what one of the main things to get cut is? we're getting work but alot of it is on our slow rolling's nice to still get work but it's not paying much. this means less money in the pocket of the crew...not good.

6629...two-nine. up? what up?

6629...hey, i hope you don't mind but i'm pretty late on these last two runs. i got them done but my bike broke down so i had to take the bus for most of the time. you got them delivered?

...the man got them delivered which is good but he ran them more than 30 minutes late. again...this is definitely not good. i really wish he would have told me...i could have sent other riders to scoop them up and rock them out in time or i could have called the company the deliveries were for to notify them of the lateness and why. unfortunately, i did neither cause by the time i knew what happened the work had been done. me get those pod's. next time hit me up. i probably would let you still rock them but i need to let the clients know whats going on. problem.

...see, it's been so slow that two-nine didn't want me taking work from him. he needs the money just like all of us and just wanted to get the work done to get the full ticket. can't blame the man for that. i just hope next time i have a fighting chance to deal with the clients. here's to hoping things get better sooner than later...peace.

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