Monday, March 23, 2009

this is a good

i got a call around 730 or so...the morning bike dispatcher called in sick. they wanted me to come in earlier than usual to cover the problem. i hate not showering but i hate not making money even more so i got my bag and ran out the door. got to work just after 8am and logged in. the work was slowly piling up...the day started off a bit chilly and rainy. i thought for sure we were in trouble. it was 850am and all i had was five messengers on the!

how the hell am i supposed to cover the work with less than half a crew? i had a few cats call in sick...a few with mechanical problems...and a couple who have the day off regularly. there was nothing i could do. the cats that did show up got hooked up early...i had no choice in the matter. i should state...i had five messengers checked in but 2 of the five are walkers...holy sh*t! don't get me wrong...our two walkers are fast and reliable but they can't cover as much work as our riders.

then...950 rolled around and i got two more bikers. are you doing the math? when we have a full crew we have close to 20 messengers on the bike, i had 7 by 10am and two of them were walkers. i don't know how they did it but they got it done. some of the work was late but not as much as i originally thought. these cats were hustling. i think what happened was that they were all happy that we were actually busy so they hustled for as long as it lasted. who knows when the next time will come around.

by lunch time we had 14 total messengers on the board...including my two walkers. the rest of the day went by easier. i kept the crew moving with short stand-by's here and there. see...i told you we had a good crew. i was angry at first...i should say i was frustrated...but, by the end of the day, my crew got the work done and the ones that showed up were able to pick up the load...peace.

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