Sunday, March 29, 2009


i never realized how difficult it was to get an interview, especially from messengers...ha! i was trying to do one a month but that was when i was, i realize that they will come when they come. this next cat i decided to interview, he's on my crew and would be easy to contact. two, this cat is fast. he's probably the fastest guy on my crew at the moment...imo. not to give him to much of a big head cause he's not the fastest cat i've dispatched and my time at the naccc's beat his...ha! three...he's a rookie. i figure rookies need a voice also? maybe? well...i hope you enjoy...i present, 6706(aka.phil)...

pic by trevor taylor...

1.why did you decide to messenger?

Had to put groceries in the fridge! But I think anyone who regularly rides a bike in the loop long enough gets a romantic vision of messengering and the whole "no boss looking over your shoulder" kind of job.

2.when did you start? has the time been on/off or straight?

I started in January of 2008, so I've been out there a little over a year now.

3.what bike did you start on? what do you ride today?

I started on a Schwinn conversion. As parts would break I would replace them and eventually fully switched over to the Soma Rush track bike I ride today. I also have another fixedgear set up with wide tires and full fenders for the winter.'ve seen a few come and go...any stick out in your mind?

The couple I would say have all recently come back! I guess you can't stay away long.

5.if you weren't messengering what would you be doing?


look at how serious he is...ha!

6.since you started...what changes have you noticed for the industry?

Haven't been around long enough to see many. It is nice to see some buildings, like 135 Lasalle and 161/171 Clark easing up their security for us though, even if they are the minority.

7.greatest day messengering...worst?

Best is any day the sun is shining and/or the work is flowing. Worst? Rain and snow suck, security and silly sign-in rules suck, windchill sucks, getting hit/doored sucks, slow days really suck, but again, I'm getting paid to ride a bike, so at least in theory I can't complain too much.

8.what changes would you like to see for the industry?

Some kind of organization, unionization or otherwise, that would stand up for messengers when it comes to buildings' policies, companies' rates, liability, etc. much longer do you see yourself doing this?

Who knows! I am working pretty hard at college, so hopefully some day I'll get some use out of that degree, but in the meantime the streets are treating me right!

10.advice for rookie-rookies...ha!

Be good to security guards, messenger centers, receptionists, etc., and they'll (usually) be good to you. Plus if you storm out, luck will probably awkwardly bring you back there in 10 minutes. Keep a mental list of where the good unlocked bathrooms and water fountains are. Never turn down a run, and of course, respect your dispatcher!

check out the man's talent and blog. thanks for the interview 0-6. thanks for sharing. thanks for the "respect your dispatcher". see you at work...well, at least talk to you. hope everyone enjoyed...peace.

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