Monday, March 23, 2009

this is a good

work has been slow...that's no secret. even though it has been slow we've had the same crew now for quite some time. no new blood and no one leaving us...whether that's good or bad? well...i think it's good. we get used to each other and even though we might get on each others nerves every once in a while...we still say good night to each other and live to fight another day. the other day my manager walked over... know, this is a good crew.

manager...this is a good crew. they did pretty good this winter. amazed they stuck around. cold and slow can make anyone quit but you're right...this is a good crew.

...i tell my crew good night every day and tell them thank you for the hard work for the day. i understand it's been slow but even so...these cats are sticking it out with me/us. that same day the car board got hit late in the day and it was a scramble of sorts to get the work done...once again, the bike board came through...

6721...whats up?'s been slow. i got some work headed north. you going home after work tonight?

6721...yup. what do you have in mind. a run out west going north loop on a car rate. on your way to drop it stop pick up a 2300 n lakeview and a 3400 north hoyne...right by your crib, right? thats perfect.

6717...whats up? live out west right? how about when you drop the one on the hill you scoop one up going on west haddon.

6717...that's a nice way to end the day. call me with that last p.o.d....yo, 0-6.

6706...what up, what up?, i got a 200 south wacker. you know, the usual...going on north sheridan on your way home., that works., want to strut some muscle?

...the car board had a wagon load going from 20 north michigan to 515 north state. the distance isn't so bad but it was four boxes over 100 lbs combined...dont' remember the exact amount. i presented 6706 with the option...ofcourse, he would have to take couple trips to rock the boxes out. he did not hesitate...

6706...i'll go check it out and get back to you.

...see, i told you this was a good crew. granted, the work i was able to hook them up with went towards their home but they still rocked it. too nice...peace.

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