Tuesday, October 28, 2008

buses, tables, and prank calls...

the day was going fine. we were kinda busy but everything was flowing just about right. i had a couple runs on the west end of the loop but i knew 6721 was around the area and the man is good so i wasn't too worried. i noticed he was taking a bit longer than i had expected...i usually can tell how messengers are flowing. you work with these cats long enough you know how long deliveries take them and you begin to realize how much you can push them. 6721 is one of those cats that i can load up and call in between drops to reload.

i started to wonder what was going on...building delay, stop to take a breather, got hit? i call him but no response...i tried a few times but nothing. well, what do i do? im not out there and not sure exactly what route he is taking so i can' tell cats to check on him...i decide to wait it out. im sure everything is fine and i'll hear from him soon enough.

a few minutes go by and i get the call...


j.dot...yoooooo, what up?

6721...im sorry im taking forever. this bus almost hit me. it pushed me all the way to the curb and i had to jump off the bike. im a bit shook up...i just needed a minute.

j.dot...o.man.umm...do you need longer? i understand if you do.

6721...naw, i think im ok now. the lady didn't even apologize. she said she honked her horn and that should have been enough.

j.dot...that sucks kid. like i said, if you need more time just let me know.

...he decided to keep rocking and after the jitters went away he as back to his usual self. it sucks...our soldiers constantly have to deal with buses or cabs or just cars in general that don't realize that their vehicle is much bigger and more dangerous than a bicycle. it always amazes me how many messengers deal with near injury/death and just continue to rock as if it didn't happen.

the same day i had 6706 head over to 1 south wack to help the car board...it was slowing down a bit and the order said it was one piece at 11 pounds. 11 pounds?! thats nothing...i know 6706 can handle that noise.

6706...o-6, o-6

j.dot...what up kid?

6706...yo maaan, this thing is a table. umm...it's got wheels though and the drop is just up the street. i can take it if you want?

j.dot...umm, well...the car board is slammed. well, if you promise me that the table wont be damaged and you'll be careful i say take it.

6706...no problem. the table doesn't look like it's in great shape anyway.

...i told him to put it on his back anyway but i doubt he did. although, i should state that i've given the man all kinds of heavy sh*t and he's rocked it without hesitation and/or problems. again, im amazed the stuff messengers deliver sometimes. in no way should he or anyone else be delivering tables or printer size boxes via bicycle but if the money is right...these cats will do the job.

one last thing...lately we've been getting hit with a prank caller. it's no big deal cause the cat only talks to the ladies. something about he'll wear an apron, cook, clean, and do anything they want. if he misbehaves they can spank him. i thought it was quite funny...disturbing but funny. i know everyone at the base appreciated the call...you know, as long as the cat doesn't show up to work it's funny...ha!

sometimes, people in general amaze me...the things that they will do or say...i know, i said one last thing but i'll leave you cats with this...it snowed in certain parts of the chicagoland area...SNOWED!! wtf?! here we go...peace.


Steven Vance said...

I have an idea relating to the bus incident.

If the messer can just pick up one piece of info, the bus #, you, the dispatcher, can quickly grab some other pieces of info using this website:


You can then make a complaint to the CTA with the Run Number and Operator Badge number.

However, it's time sensitive because if you type in the bus number 10 hours later, the run number and operator badge number have probably changed.

If you actually do use it, I'd love to know so I can tell the creator, Kevin Z.

j.dot said...

good looking out...i might give it a go and let you know if i do. no promises cause most cats just move on and although it is f*cked up they also don't want to snitch or mess up someone's loot...peace.