Friday, October 3, 2008

i don't want trouble but...

this story is pretty good. at least i think so. anywhoo, this doesn't have to do anything with bicycles but it does pertain to messengers. we received a call for a car run...pick up in fond du lac, wisconsin or somewhere way up there. i don't remember the actual place but it's probably best.'s a cash call and it's paying very good money. the man agrees to the price and now we have to figure out how the hell we're going to get a driver to go all the way there. i guess it isn't hard but you have to be willing to lose the driver for the rest of the day cause it's a long a$$ drive.

they call up 6518 and give him the news. he gladly accepts it because he knows the pay will be worth it. big deal. he heads out for the pick up but it's getting really late in the day. calls begin to go back and forth with the person who placed the the order. he wanted the package to come to our base and he would pick it up around 3am or so. not a big deal because there's someone at the building at any given hour...we're a 24hr, 365 days a year, operation. time goes on and a few more phone calls begin to take place...this time, it wasn't the man who placed the order on the other line.

the dispatcher on staff at the time had no idea what was happening. she was under the impression that this order was like any other pain in the butt cash order...ugh! well, come to find out...the people that were calling the base to check on this order were part of a national law enforcement agency...i rather not say which one but while on my honeymoon i saw a shirt that said...Female Body Inspector(*wink-wink*). well, it turns out they thought the actual person who placed the order would be the one showing up to pick up the package. when they saw that it was one of our guys they immediately called our company to see what we were doing with it and where it was going. they didn't question the driver...instead they kept the whole thing going as if nothing was happening.

well...some of them showed up to the base to get more details. they sat inside with our dispatcher telling her that this whole thing was part of some sting operation to bust a credit fraud thief for some sh*t. while they sat in the office talking to the dispatcher there were others following the package down from wisconsin. our driver had no idea...

agent...can i ask you something?

dispatcher...sure. it common for your drivers to get off the highway?

dispatcher...what? sure? you know, sometimes they need a bite to eat, they get sleepy and want some coffee, they need to use the bathroom, they need gas...there's a bunch of reasons, why?

...they were tailing our driver the entire way all while keeping communication with the cat that was at base with our dispatcher. holy sh*t!! this is the type of sillyness you see on exciting?!?! anyway, the agents want our dispatcher to see if she could get the man who placed the call to come to our base sooner rather than later. she calls him and notifies him that the building will shut down at midnight and it would be in his best interest to come and get the package. he argued that he was told he come and get it whenever but the dispatcher quickly convinced him that he was given the wrong info.

well...time goes by and the driver pulls up. the package is at base and the man is coming to get his order. the agents want the dispatcher to keep him busy inside the building while they tag the! what the hell is she supposed to do? offer the man coffee? anyway, she takes her time with the receipt for the cash call but the agents don't do a very good job or something goes wrong. they are under the impression that the person who has arrived to pick up the package isn't who they want but somehow the dispatcher convinces them that it is. so now...she gets him to come back inside while they set up...he comes out and they all run and arrest the guy.

dispatcher...i felt so bad. the kid was so stupid. there's no way he was older than is he thinking? was exciting. the agents asked me how im so good at this and i said, "i watch alot of csi".

God i love t.v...peace.


Steven Vance said...

Uh, that's super weird.

Where were you when this happened? Just being the bike dispatcher in the same room?

trek life said...

yo brother, wanted to hit you up and let you know im making another bike film. im livin in bogota right now and riding everyday with this colombian cat that messengered out east. its lookin pretty good. bogota is like a san francisco on crack, just complete SA mayhem everywhere. stay up and keep livin life fresh yo! said...

wtf?! bogota?! what happened to argentina? i guess thats a story for another day. when you get the vid up and running hit me up...i would definitely love to check it. glad things are good...peace.