Saturday, October 11, 2008

in the end...

friday was much different than thursday was. the crew all came out to play. even two-nine who sometimes doesn't show up and when he does he shows up at ten, one, two, get where im going with that one, showed up bright and early around 8ish. it was nice to have everyone especially cause we had a pretty busy day on our hands. it wasn't an insanely busy day but it was steady...i love steady. keeps the crew moving and prevents me from looking at my fantasy football page for the 23rd time in a day.

the weather was great, the work flowed, we were even able to help out the car board and give our guys some of that loot. oh yeah, today, oct. 11th, 2008 is my birthday. we celebrated yesterday which is another reason why yesterday was so nice. also, friday is payday and the start of the weekend. things could not have gone better to kick off my b-day celebration.

well, enough about me(ha!)...i invited some messengers to come out and join me in celebration. i even told 5-8 who i have only known now for about two weeks or so to come glad i did. the man is a rookie and it was cool talking to him about the job. he has no idea what an alley-cat is, no idea that there are national messenger championships let alone, world messenger championships. he literally just views this job as...well, a job. huh?!

he goes to school on the far northwest side of chicago and bikes in right after school. he's a late start but will stay late with me. he also has class at night on certain days so he bikes in from bikes back to school. holy sh*t! thats dedication. he wants to get faster so that he can make more money. he notices cats are starting to say hello to him but doesn't really think much of's cool. he's lost his radio, keys, and had a bike stolen already but he's still needs a job so he keeps trucking. i should state that his keys and radio were found.

it's refreshing to talk to a cat like this because in the end this is just a job. sure it's one of the more dangerous jobs out there but it's still just a job. it's a means to an end. all my bitching and moaning about cats not showing up, irate customers, angry bosses, and stuff like that is just part of the job. i asked him why he decided to messenger which is something i ask alot of cats and he simply responds..."i just needed a job". he's not pissed off at the world...yet. i've seen many come in with this mentality...let's see how long it holds up. if this industry comes close to breaking him im going to try and remind him that this is just a job...peace.

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