Wednesday, October 15, 2008

no love...

yet again the car board gets all the love. we have guests come in and as they make their way into our office they immediately notice that the bike board has run 88 and 89% in the past couple of days and the city board has run 92 and 95%. now what they don't see is that monday was a holiday so some cats took the day off and some cats left early leaving me to handle the late rush with half-a-crew. even scott left all fairness we had no idea it would all of a sudden pick up. he wouldn't leave unless we were super slow...unlike me(ha!).

i was left to deal with solo after solo cause companies were trying to get last minute deliveries done before other companies closed. one company in particular called in 16 solo's...this means 16 orders that all have to be done in a half! i call up five-two cause he's holding a hat trick headed north. i dish him 3 solos going in his direction. 6721 is cleaning up around cityfront so i tell him to hustle over the river to pick-up five going southwest...the solos are popping out of 233 north michigan. im running out of options when 6718 calls me at the mart holding a jackson. i run him all the way across for a set of five going right where his jackson is headed...i didnt feel so bad running him across cause at least they are solos and they are going with the one he's holding. 6731 is holding a mart around 20 mich...perfect..."go grab the rest headed towards the apparel center". right next door to the mart...voila.

when it flows right it feels soooo good. not all the packages made it on time but it sure was close. the day we got 89% well, there were over 750 orders on that day with over 350 orders on the bike board...oh yeah, almost forgot, on both days we helped the car board.

as usual i always thank my crew for the hustle. especially on the days when i run them wild. i know its not me out there and the least i can do is thank them for hustling. i also know that good dispatching makes the day flow just right...ha! look at me...making myself look good again...peace.

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