Saturday, October 18, 2008


do you cats have any idea how hard it is to get people to interview?! it's like pulling teeth. i was planning on doing an interview once a month but that didn't quite work out. thats looking at you forty. i forgot that the only thing messengers are fast at is delivering packages and drinking...ha! just jazzin' people...don't take that one to heart. anyway, this last interview forty-one radios me... finished with your little questions. umm, they're all one word answers...(slight laugh), actually the questions are kinda boring. doesn't matter bro. just let me get it. it's not a big deal.

...kinda boring?!! actually, they are kinda boring. im not good at this interview sh*t. i should start asking questions like..."who's the hottest receptionist?" or something like that. anyway, if any of you cats have suggestions that would be great. now, without further bitching...i present to you...1141...

1.why did you decide to messenger?

needed a job. liked to ride!

2.when did you start? has the time been off/on or straight?


3.what bike did you start on? what do you ride today?

trek road bike...kona cross bike.'ve seen many come and go, any stick out in your mind?

vince & gumbis(i can't understand the mans writting...ha! i'll find out what the names are).

5.what your greatest day messengering? worst?

all pretty much the same!

6.if you weren't messengering what would you be doing?

"you want fries with that!"'ve been around for a while, what kind of changes have you seen for this industry?

less paper, more technology! tighter security! post 9-11.

8.what kind of changes would you like to see?

more benefits!

9.if you had only one drink...what would it be?

root beerfloat

10.advice for rookies?

don't get killed!

...there you have it. a man of very, very, very few words. i would have thought it would be the opposite the way he talks on the radio(that joke is for scott). gotta say, the answers make alot of sense. i wish i had a picture of him but not only is he a man of few words but he's also very shy...awww! hey, forty-one, whats with the quotation marks after all the answers? i ask but don't expect the answwer...the man is ol'school and doesn't believe in, im a jerk!

anyway, he's been around for 15 years and knows his sh*t. he's our main city board biker...we could run him anywhere in the city. he's also a giant man so i hope my sillyness hasn't offended him cause the last thing i need is forty-one angry at me. well, thank you forty-one...although short, your input is actually right on...peace.

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