Saturday, October 11, 2008

why do messengers have to shave? seriously. san francisco has 15 minute runs?! holy sh*t! there's no way we could do that. it's funny how clients want work done fast but at the same time messengers are supposed to obey traffic laws.

...if you watch closely you'll see a guest appearance from joey love. i know most of you probably have seen these videos but they're new to me and i thought they were funny. "the greek" is a funny dude. f*cking ladies on the 15th floor...come on! give me a break. did you guys hear the rates?! holy sh*t...messenger were rich as f*ck back in the day? the x-men are a badass crew...joey love migrated to chicago and still is the best cling-on i have ever seen. i saw that dude hook off of one skitch going west and then right into another going north...that sh*t was bananas. the dispatcher dude is funny as hell to...we're not all jaded the way he is...wait, we might be?

oh yeah...thank you for keeping these vids up for us to view. after watching them...maybe messengering isn't just a job?

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