Tuesday, September 1, 2009


we're only a few weeks away until the madness that japan will bring to the worlds. as you know...i will not be in attendance but chicago is rolling super deep. i hear it's about 12 strong or so and growing(?). good luck to the chicago crew...im sure the world will not forget them...we got some special people around these parts.

now...to serious business...boom!

From the same deadbeats that brought you the Chicago NACCC 2008, this is our public attempt to win the Cycle Messenger World Championship for 2011. We’ll be in Tokyo later on this summer to put in the bid.

holy sh*t!! thats right people...chicago is rolling deep and making a push for 2011. how exciting is that?!?! i hear there are a couple other spots interested in a bid but you better bring your a-game cause if i know something it's that chicago has an organized crew that is all about goodtimes. i have faith in our crew in making this happen. come to chicago and enjoy all the stories and be a part of something special. chicago hosted last years naccc's and it was a success. we also have this years velocity winners al and molly who won free tickets to japan. not only that...say whatever you want about boston but christina and nico from chicago went over there and took top honors in this years naccc's. we're riding a good wave right now and i hope it continues with a bid for 2011. good luck to all putting their city on the line...peace.

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