Thursday, September 24, 2009

down but not out...

as you cats know...warsaw won the bid. it hurts but it doesn't mean the fun doesn't continue. next up is the kirin velodromes...God, please tell me al is still there to rep for chicago. i know a few cats are making their way back home, if they haven't already, but nico is still over seas and sends us a quick report...

part three:

just got back from the open forum a little while ago. unfortunately for chicago warsaw took home the bid for cmwc 2011, however there is no doubt in my mind that the cats from poland will be able to throw down a fantastic competition worthy of being called the cycle messenger world championships. all of us from chicago were a little disappointed, but at the same time i think it makes sense. seeing as last year's cmwc was in toronto and next year's will be in panajachel, it makes sense for the europeans to bring the worlds to their side of the globe. that being said, chicago 2012??? we can throw it down before the Fifth Sun sets if you dig what i'm saying. i know i'm willing to put in whatever work needs to be done to give a great bid in panajachel.
as far as the race, ms. christina peck took home the 3rd place women's. we all knew she was coming home with something, at least i know i was confident she would. i was unable to procure the rest of the results as far as the rest of our placing, but i can tell you that molly is in the top 10 women and i'm in the top 60 men somewhere, i just don't know exactly where. my only goal for this competition was to represent chicago and make everyone at home proud, and i hope that i was able to do that.
saturday takes us to keiokaku, tokyo's famous keirin velodrome. i know everyone is excited to be able to race on a sacred keirin track... the chance of a lifetime.
we head home sunday after 10 days in one of the most interesting and beautiful cities in the world. its back to work on monday. hopefully the jet lag won't hit too hard. its always fun going back to work after these events though because they are a great reminder of why we do what we do. can't wait to see you all back in the chi! are some unofficial results...

Juri (Tokyo)
Shino (Tokyo)
Stevie (Zurich)

JoJo (Stockholm)
Yuki (Tokyo?)
Christina (Chicago)

you cats know the drill...keep an eye on your favorite sites/blogs. also...don't sleep on the tokyo worlds blog and site...they'll probably update it. pics are already popping up as well as videos. im sure the aftermath will last a while. the whole chicago crew did an amazing job. i really hope they weren't kidding when they said...

We will try again and again, until the bright light of the Worlds shine on our dreary heads. We don't take no for an answer. We tolerate no fools. We keep it correct. And we come back again and again and again and again.

i know i'll be in guatemala...who's coming with me?! lets get this rolling again...peace.

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