Wednesday, September 30, 2009

two quick stories...

this happened a while ago but a funny story about a man's love for his dog. i know what you're thinking...what the hell do dogs have to do with the delivery business? please...lets keep all the questions till after the stories...ha! anyway, we had a driver who had a very nice route. at times he would do runs off the board...nothing like making some extra change. well, i guess he would go on his deliveries with his dog. you would think it's not a big deal but apparently it's some sort of insurance issue...well, that and the fact that it probably doesn't look good to show up to deliveries with your dog...ha!

this goes on for quite some time but no one realizes it till he comes to base with the f*cking dog in his car. what is he thinking?! he's gotta know that the company will not allow this...right? well...he's told he cannot have his dog in the car but he's not having it. the company is left with one last resort..."it's your job or the dog". guess which one he picks. the good news...some other lucky driver gets to have that nice route. in a time when work is slow...route work is definitely nice to have. it's a steady paycheck. not only can jump on the board from time to time to make some extra. i guess the driver has enough loot to not need a job? i wish him all the luck. believe me...i would probably die for my dogs but im ok with putting them in daycare now and then if it means i get to have a job. how else would you feed the dog?

i guess these stories aren't that apologies? anyway, bikers will love this one. we have some new blood at work. we hired a new rider about 2 weeks ago...not my fault. well, he's turning out to be a good rider. he seems like a nice guy...he likes the chicago bears...thats a good sign. well, his first day took a while to get him out on the road. i think there were some uniform or radio problems. in any case, he finally gets going and scott dispatches him his first job of the day. some time goes by and he pops up at base...

6778...umm, im clean., what?

6778...i went out there and did my first job. umm, i guess im clean. what else should i do? took every bone in my body to not break out into uncontrollable laughter. he went into the loop...did his first job...then bikes AAAAAAALLLLLL the way back to base just to say "clean". that sh*t was priceless...for those who don't know, we have radios to communicate such things as being "clean"...ha! i haven't been in this industry too long but that was a first for me. bless the man's heart...silly rookies. well...he's coming around. he's gotten the hang of the radio and, although he's still gets a bit lost from time to time, he's rocking alot more orders than i did in my first two weeks. looks like this kid might stick around for some time. good thing about rookies who have never messengered can mold him/her into the messenger you want them to be. what does that mean? try dispatching and you'll know what i mean...peace.

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