Friday, September 4, 2009

how to take a sh*t in japan...

CMWC TOKYO 2009 PROMO II: TKBMA Gives Some Advice from Eli Tokyo Jitensha-Jin on Vimeo.

check out this great video for messengers attending this years cmwc in japan. the tkbma has put together a set of rules to understand when you visit...some highlights...

~you can take a bike on a train as long as it's in a bag
~the proper noodles to eat to become a ninja which will teach you how to speak italian
~watch out for the grandma bikes
~you can drink on the streets but don't drink and ride(ha!)
~how to use the hole in the floors(don't get your shoes dirty)



John said...

I never knew shitting was so complicated.

marcus said...

Bravo Tokyo!
Very welcoming and fun video... I'm envious of those attending.
Have fun!!

Chester Belvidere said...

a complicated necessity