Monday, September 14, 2009


as some know...i get the crew from 4 to 6 pm. not a big deal but's been HUGE deal! i used to dispatch the bike board but some changes occurred and im basically a dispatcher on stand-by. if someone calls in sick or is on vacation i handle their or bike. sooooo...from time to time i do dispatch but i just don't do it as much as before. i said, i do dispatch the bike board the last two hours of the day. these are some of the quotes i've been getting from our crew lately...

"im kinda tired...i rather not do that job"

"who else is around? don't you have other people?"

"i can't do that...i have to go"

"you should offer an incentive to get people to stay for 8 hours"

...when they're not giving me sh*t for dishing out work they just give me radio silence. i don't know what is going on but it's getting annoying quick. i just don't get it...we're actually busy lately. when we're slow...they complain. when we're busy...they complain. is there ever a time the messenger is actually happy?! i can't win with these, lets do some quick math...

full crew...15
1 walker
4 radio silence
2 want to go home
1 lost to office work
1 vacation
2 nc/ns

you with me so far? here...i'll subtract for you...FOUR! thats what im left with for the last two hours of work lately. i can't really count on the walker cause he just can't cover the distance. sure he helps but can't all the time. radio silence? well...those cats are just as*holes...ha! naw...they're nice guys but why turn there phone off? the two that don't stop whining about going home...well, that sh*t gets annoying and just can't deal with it after a while. the other ones...well, im just stuck between a rock and a hard place.

this just doesn't make sense. i've done the math before except this time the weather has been more than nice. 70 to 80 without a drop of rain in the sky. i cannot believe how beautiful chicago has been lately and how busy we've been. the tide is turning in our favor and we're getting busier and busier. it seems the busier we get the less these cats want to work. the sad thing is that the number of cats we have are enough to cover the work but because no one wants to...the company will hire some heads that will. what happens to the work then? it has to be shared with two other cats and we're back to square one...everyone complaining about how slow we are and why the f*ck did we hire more people. the good news this time...i warned many of them. i told them it wasn't my fault. either they get the job done or the company hires cats that will. not in charge of the hiring but my boss can only take so much of me complaining...oh-the irony...ha!'s the messenger industry. complaining around these parts is like having a cup of coffee. you don't really need to but you will. like i told scott in the office...they just don't build them like they used to...peace.


Anonymous said...

Some people just CANT appreciate work.

Cezar said...

Get whoever has the authority to tell them if they wish to not work, not to show up again. It's pretty simple.

Kyle said...

sounds like it's time for me to get myself a job. you fools still pee testing?

Kirk said...

Whiz quiz at a courier service? That just aint right.

Kyle said...

no shit. i think it's just if you get into an accident. aka prevents you from reporting getting hurt said...

well...we got fresh meat on the streets. not my fault...peace.