Friday, August 22, 2008

cash on delivery...

at the risk of sounding was slow the other day(ha!). i call up 6745 and see if she has any interest in doing distance. the car board could use some help and we don't have much going on. it's not that the city board is dying for help but i figure...why not? she's hesitant at first cause, although she's young, she knows that sometimes car runs just don't pay too good. i inform her that it would be worth it and either way...what else is she gonna do? sit around for work to pop up in the loop?

well, she gets moving...i almost forget but i catch it in time..., yo.

6745...what up?'t forget, the one on clybourn is gonna be a c.o.d. order. pick up $$$ when you get there and bring it to base later.


...i hook her up with two going out and one coming back. if it gets done properly and quickly the pay out is pretty darn good. 6745 isn't too bad on a bike and knocks it out with time to spare. the day comes to an end and she shows up to base to drop her sheets. i completely forget that she was holding loot for the base but call her on the radio a couple minutes after she left..., 4-5.

6745...yo, what up? how far did you get? i completely forget to ask you for the loot.

6745...what money?, what? the money from the clybour pick. remember? i told you it was a c.o.d. order.

6745...oh?! umm...i thought the money was supposed to go to the drop.*t! i tell her she needs to go back and get that money to bring to base. unfortunately, she has to run...something about a bears game. i don't blame her...not that any of you readers care but God do i love my CHICAGO BEARS!! anyway, i tell her to make sure she doubles back there at some point to see if she could get the money back. the next day i talk to her..., what happened with the loot?

6745...umm, the guy that signed for the package isn't working till monday.

...damn it!! i inform our accounts people. at this point it really doesn't matter. the person sending the order payed for the package, it got delivered, they got a receipt, and all is well? well...everyone is well except for 6745...that loot is coming out of her paycheck. it's unfortunate...even when im trying to hook cats up something wrong happens and the biker is left paying instead of making...peace.


David Decimal said...

rookies! said...

she's been around for a minute now but spaces-out every once in a while...that being said, you're right...rookie.

David Decimal said...

haha, i was giving guff, everyone's got to start somewhere.

It'll be good to catchup this weekend!

jules45 said...

i didn't give it to the dude. i used it to buy a dub but didn't want to say that at base. i knew the cod thing. then i just kept up the lie. until now i guess.

jules45 said...