Monday, August 25, 2008

lies, lies, and more lies...

it happens all the time...dispatchers get lied to constantly. no big deal. sh*t, most of the time i know when it's happening. i mean seriously, how many times can you have the stomach flu in a week? sometimes it happens to try and sneak in more work...

6721...clean. are you? on the hill?

6721...yup. umm...gimme a second. i got a solo for you out of 180 stetson.

...a few minutes pass and i hear my radio go off...

6721...hey julio. up? what up?

6721...hey man. im sorry i lied. i haven't dropped this package and i need a name or they won't accept it.

...ha! no big deal. i gave him the name and he kept rocking. 6721 was trying to be quicker on his deliveries by lying to me so that he could get more work and make more loot. no big deal...i completely understand.

i call up 6463 to see how he's doing on a couple deliveries...

6463...ya, whats up?, how you looking out there? almost clean?

6463...yeah, im clean. let me get your p.o.d.'s

6463...give me a second.

...i thought he was getting his manifest out but actually he hadn't delivered the last package. again, no big deal...i just had to wait a little bit more than the second he told me for that last p.o.d. to keep him moving. see...he figured if calls clean maybe i'll dish him more work.

i call up 6745 to see how she's doing on a pick up at the mart. she tells me she has it on board so i give her a couple more orders popping out of the mart but...i get a call from 1168...

1168...oooooooo, julio. up?

1168...hey, you probably already have someone for this but check on order ###.

...i check it and it turns out it's the package that 6745 said she had on board already. again, not a big deal cause she was in the building picking up the other packages and sooner or later she was gonna grab it. again, much like 6721 or 6463 she figures if she seems like she's going faster maybe i can dish more work. no big deal.

the one thing these stories have in common is that if you seem quicker then your dispatcher will most likely dish you more work and these cats have figured it out. the thing is that sometimes those lies catch up to you and you end up working a bit more for that one delivery. you never know, you might get stuck in an elevator, traffic isn't flowing quite right, security is acting up, and so on. all these variable can mess up the other deliveries given out because of the simple white lie. now, im not blaming them for*t, i've done the same in the past. all im saying is be careful with the lies cause they might catch up.'s always nice when cats trust you enough to just tell you the truth...6665 calls me today...

6665...hey julio. up? im not coming to work today. im hungover as shit. understand. no worries. we'll see you tomorrow.

6665...yup. do me a favor? tomorrow, don't say good morning. just tell me happy birthday and lets get the day going.! no worries.

...alot of times cats tell me the truth which is greatly appreciated. alot of times cats lie to me which is understood...peace.

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