Wednesday, August 27, 2008

this is too exciting...

it's coming. finally. i didn't have a hand in this madness so i would like to thank any and all who made this possible. especially augie of fourstar for bringing the naccc's to chicago. i missed my chance to go to this several times in different cities but's coming to me.

the madness kicks off on friday...

5pm to 8pm - Registration at Mother Hubbards - 5 W. Hubbard (Hubbard and State Look! A Map!) Then from 8:00-kick us out o'clock we're moving it to Av-Aerie at 2000 W. Fulton (Fulton and Damen - Another Map!) where we party until you're sure you have ruined your chance to qualify. RSVP to so yr on the list (yeah, there's gonna be a list, it Chicago dog). Registration will be happening there as well, if you're getting into town late.

check the naccc site for more details...i know, i know, how many times must i post about it? well...26 times a day if i have to. this sh*t is gonna be great.'s a chicago vid to tie you cats over until you get here...peace.

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