Thursday, August 14, 2008

let me guess...

the other day was pretty slow. if you've been keeping up with my silly posts you already know that work hasn't been so kind to the messengers. anyway, i was left alone cause the other bike dispatcher was busy taking care of personal matters. it's no big deal but can get annoying. instead of dealing with half the crew you deal with the entire crew calling you non-stop. like i said, no big deal but i just got used to having two bike dispatchers which is a good way to handle things...less stress.

well, as much as he is a good messenger 6686 has his problems. he calls me clean around mich/wack... let me get your last four p.o.d.'s. all i want is work. why won't you give me work? i don't get it. im here everyday and i work hard. i ain't got time to waste time with this. me get your last four p.o.d.'s...alright, stand by.

...well, the day continues to slowly get by but 6686 hits a spurt. what do i mean? well, the work is coming and going to all the spots he is at. sometimes it happens that way. messengers are at the right spot at the right time. i start hooking him up with hat-tricks here and there. then he gets to the mart and i got a couple for him headed north around 1530...

6686...what? man, do you have anything up north that'll bring me back? i mean, i don't want to get all the way up there for nothing., how am i supposed to know if something is gonna pop up north. all i know is that i got these runs going north for now and need to be covered. you said all you wanted was to work...well, i have work.

6686...yeah, but, i live on the southside and if you don't have anything taking me back then it's not worth it.

...see, 6686 wants work but only wants it if it benefits him. i completely understand where he is coming from but thats not how this business works. work can pop up out of any location in the city and i have to send cats to cover it. the two i had sent him where in the building he was at but he wouldn't take them cause they were going north. i took them off of him and told him to stand-by. some time goes by...

6686...hey man. im sorry about all that. you did alright today. you tried.

...after he said that all i wanted to do was tell him to shut the f*ck up!! i was so pissed. like i need the man's approval and he's the one watching my every move. f-that noise. i didn't say anything. all i said was 10.4 and let it be. funny thing about those runs going north is that the cat i did give them to had two more up north bringing him across. i didn't know they would be there but by the time he got up north work kicked in for him. meanwhile, 6686 waited for work to pop around the mart for him taking him never happened...peace.

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