Monday, August 18, 2008


the other day was somewhat steady...not busy, which was annoying, but steady enough to keep people moving. most of the day was a one-at-a-time type of day but still...kept cats moving. 6745 calls me clean at 303 east wack... umm...well...alright, i guess...head over to 1 east wacker for one.

6745...o.come on. at least sound happy when you give me work that way it doesn't sound so bad. would except that i already had you going cross-town and now the 1 east is gonna send you way up north again. i guess...when i got good news i'll make sure to tell you. i just need your help on this one and i know im working you. thats like a rubberband bouncing all over the place. lady.

...thats all i could say was thank you. forty-five understood that work is slow and whatever comes around is good news. sure your legs get some work in for not that much loot but at least you keep moving and who knows, you could get lucky at one of the drops or might hit that spurt that every messenger loves. plus, it beats sitting around for work that may never pop around you.

in other news...i've been working on the car board alot lately. personally i hate it...why? well, i know my crew already and they know me. sure i can do it but i rather not. i love working with bike messengers...i especially enjoy the bike board waaaaay more than the driver board. the drivers are too pampered if you ask me...prima donna and i rather not deal with them. anyway, as you may know, it's been slow...not just for the bike board. driver 1451 is used to doing alot of runs, even for a car, and he is also used to doing van work. unfortunately i didn't have any...

1451...come on julio. you need to do better than these peanuts you're tossing my way. wish i could but i don't have the work for you. best i can say is truck it back to the loop for some more peanuts. you know you're off on the wrong foot. you're gonna become a bad dispatcher man. you're not the first driver to hate me. the problem is that they put me on the driver board when it's slow so i can learn meanwhile you guys get angry at me cause it's slow...oh wells.

...see, sometimes messengers love you. work is flowing and it's everywhere. we keep messengers busy and no complaints...well, thats not so true. sometimes they complain that they could use a break(understandable). when there's no work...well, they hate you and are quick to blame the dispatcher. they start calling around and comparing runs with other messengers. jealousy and anger kicks in...what cats don't realize is that every dog has his/her day...sometimes cats are at the right place at the right time.

i wish more cats were like 6745 and just understood that work is like that, actually i don't cause she complains to me also...i don't think a dispatcher ever wins until messengers move on to other companies and realize that what they had wasn't so bad. as 542 told me the other day, "you're still my favorite dispatcher ever". i should state he was drunk at the time...ha!

wait...but then you get into the whole, "lesser of evils" situation...i guess we don't win...peace.


cyclerookie said...

god I have no idea how to see if blogger notifies me of new comments. Either way I EVENTUALLY end up seeing them. I feel bestowed to have your pressence on your blog. But dont worry, if it wasnt for the ability to re-read your vast amount of posts I wouldnt be able to make it through the work day. Your bike can be evil in the way it takes over your mind.
Anyway Im worse, I post weekly, where as you had only missed a day or two =/ blogging isnt easy.

el geezero said...

cyclerookie, go to the bottom of the page, there's a link that says 'subscribe to posts (atom)'. Either click on that if you have an inbuilt RSS reader in your browser, or download a free RSS reader and copy the URL into that.

btw... I dont mean to sound like one of those assholes who goes around correcting people... but it's "prima donna" not "pre-madonna"... said...

good looking out el geezero..seriously. i should have looked it up but i was 99.2% sure i was right...doh! worries kid...peace.

jules45 said...

hey i tried to complain in a funny way. thanks for the love. you are one of the best man.