Friday, August 8, 2008


i know i have spoken about my hatred towards nextel/sprint before but this is getting ridiculous. it seems like 2 or 3 times a week our i.t. guy comes in and tells us nextel is having service issues!! again?!! are you serious? what's wrong with them? i don't get it. why even provide a service knowing that your service isn't even good? i guess the answer is simple...what else would we do? open channel radios would be cool but don't think they would fly with our management. also, i'm sure it's not all rainbow's and daisies with those either.

nextel has been dropping alot of our calls which gets very frustrating. have you ever been cut-off while in the middle of a conversation? it's freakig annoying and all you want to do is take a hammer to the damn phone. the paging system is constantly down...seems like everyday we have about 3 hours of verbally telling our messengers every drop and order number. i know, i know, whats the big deal? well, that sh*t ties up the phone and other cats are trying to get through to you. nextel is getting to be very frustrating.

i can't think of one damn solution so for now i'll just say f*ck you nextel...f*ck you very much...peace.


nerf said...

i've personally killed about 10 or 11 phones they're crap. "built to military spec" means by the lowest bidder i suspect.
then theres the times that i want to throw my phone when all i hear is a beep and no voice and the other person thinks i'm ignoring them and beeps me over and over...

f@#$ nextel said...

hammer is the answer...hammer.