Tuesday, July 28, 2009

finger pointing...

well...we're less than a week away. from what? the north american cycle courier championship race? everyone and their mama is weighing in. should the naccc's that will be taking place in boston this weekend be allowed to be called a championship? why is this such a huge issue? well...simple...the race will not be a closed course this year. it will be an open course...damn!

what does this mean? before i continue...let me apologize for all the questions i've been asking...ha! anyway, the great minds all met and decided that since they could not get their act together to put on a closed course race they did not want to look bad so they decided to put something on. that something...an alley-cat. now...we get to whats been bothering many. an alley cat is inherently dangerous. im not opposed to alley-cats cause Lord knows i've participated in my fair share but i also know that i will no longer participate in any. sure...from time to time i might help out by working a check point or something but ride one...naw. anyway, the naccc's attract messengers from all over...is it safe to say hundreds? the last thing you want to do is have an alley-cat of that size running through a city. especially boston...ha? i say that with alot of love. i've been to boston and i like the city but the drivers in boston don't give a damn about you. the risk of people getting arrested and, even worse, injured is too great in my opinion.

another point...open course is a clear disadvantage to out-of-town messengers. has anyone been to boston? messengers in boston get lost in boston...thats how bad it's laid out. does the boston crew really think cats from everywhere will expect a fair race? believe me...im all for home field advantage but this sh*t just tips the scale a bit too much.

everyone and their mama has been jumping on the ifbma to handle the situation. i have no idea what exactly the ifbma does so im gonna stay out of this for a minute. im sure they are a great organization but great at what? i have no idea. im sure they help with something? the way i see it the ifbma is just around to help keep messengers in contact with each other? in any case...thanks? see, i have more questions than answers when it comes to the ifbma. im sure one day it'll all make sense but for now, i say people stop jumping on them. after all...it's the local groups/crews that put these events together.

come on boston...get that act together. i've been promoting you cats non-stop and this is how you do me...US! i would really love to come to boston. as squid puts it..."if you want to change it then come to boston". it's not that easy for cats who live a few hundred miles away but, i do wish i was attending. all my silly rant aside...i hope everyone does enjoy the naccc's this year. should it be called a championship with such a clear advantage to boston messengers? well...i guess show up and check it out. after all, they have other events planned beyond the alley-cat that one can participate in. i hear foot-down will take place on the tarmac for logan international...ha! anyway you see it...this race will either be a success or a failure...i really hope it's the former. good luck to all and, most importantly, ride safe...


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“Gentlemen. You can’t fight in here. This is the War Room!”