Friday, July 24, 2009


you know when you reach the 10's that the messenger has been around for a while. you try and give some extra respect cause they've been in the game for quite some time. you try to hook up those that have seen this industry change like no other...from great to good to not so good to whatever the h*ll is going on right now. sometimes...what you think is respect and hooking up just isn't...

1096...ninety-six, go ahead., after you drop here at base mike has one here going down south to one of the southern burbs. then head back into the loop and grab one out of city hall heading south also.

1096...what? umm...i guess.

...did i mention that 1096 is a driver? anyway, as some of you know...drivers are a special breed. he gets the call from the suburban dispatcher at the time and he complains to him that i am working him too hard. he was holding two going south and coming into base to pick up a suburban job. i should state that our base isn't that far from the loop. it's about a mile. we don't sit very far from each other and after hearing it i just told mike to notify 1096 to not worry about the loop pick up going south. it was slow and i had other drivers who wanted work. i was just doing my respect the vets with 1096 but i also don't have time for b*tches...ha! well...he shows up at base..., cancel that city hall going south.

1096...yeah, i know, mike told me.

...he leaves and i get up to look around for the package he was supposed to drop. i assumed he left it. nope...i didn't sign for it but the suburban dispatcher had gotten up to talk to him so i assumed the made the switch and i didn't have to worry. i call him up to check his car for the package...sure enough, it's sitting right next to him.

1096...damn. if julio would do his job this wouldn't happen., what? do my job? it's your job to pick up and deliver...right? you showed up here to pick up and drop off...right? soooooo...who isn't doing there job?

...he didn't like that last statement too much. he kept going on and on and i got a bit stubborn and just kept repeating..."you're right, you're right". i could see the frustration in his face. btw, i should state what he was holding...he had one going on south ellis, south king, and some southern suburb. i was trying to give him a south maryland i believe. everything is within 2 miles of each other...if that!! i can't believe he turned down that other job. he leaves the base angry and calls me from his car...

1096...ninety-six. ahead. it ok to leave now? didn't you already leave? you're not here anymore. in the parking lot. just making sure you have everything and don't need anything else. that i know of. you got all the runs YOU wanted going south...right? what are you asking me for if you could leave? you're a grown man who can make grown decisions.

...oh-boy. i know he wasn't too happy with me but i guess thats what i get for trying to hook up some driver. meanwhile...when i jumped on the bike board late in the day i get a call from twenty-one... up? got anything going to wilmette?

...holy sh*t! wilmette is a nothern suburb of chicago. it takes some time to get out there. after a whole day of work the last thing you want to do is ride all the way out there. the man has another job to get to and is going to ride out and looking for work headed his way. see...there's a big difference between drivers and bikers. bikers will whine from time to time but they hustle...peace.

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