Tuesday, July 21, 2009

my two cents...

so many things to say. first off...does anyone actually know if the cyclist is a messenger? all i see is a kid with a bag, bike, and lock who gets in a fight. until this is cleared up i say we stick to calling him a cyclist.

now...the video doesn't show everything so many things are missed but i've watched this video about 50 times and i still don't know why the f*ck this cyclist pulled out his u-lock. there was no need for it. they bumped into each other...words were exchanged...move on and get drunk later...simple, right? nope. these two idiots decide to keep jabbing at each other until finally at around second 15 to 18 when the camera shows a slight view of between the phone and building...the cyclist makes a move.

does he shove? does he punch? i don't know but it's pretty obvious that the man retaliates with as shove. at this point...the cyclist realizes he's chewed more than he can swallow so he pulls his u-lock out cause in reality...he can't fight and has found himself in the middle of one. the man is not armed...why would you resort to your u-lock? listen...fights shouldn't happen but they do and sometimes you're on the losing end. get over it.

it wasn't bad enough that the cyclist pulls away from the man after smacking him with the lock once...he could have just left there...but, instead he comes back to keep beating on the man's head with it...wtf?!

i really hope he wasn't a messenger. the industry is struggling right now and Lord knows press like this isn't good for anyone in the game. i know times are tough and many are at the breaking point but lets not let that get the best of us. also...why when sh*t is negative it's messengers? ride safe and smart out there. i know sometimes we/you have to defend yourselves but at least try and use some sense as to when the proper time to do certain things is needed. believe me...i know how silly pedestrians and cars can be. i have the cat-scans to prove it. Lord knows i've acted a fool from time to time but...well...peace.