Tuesday, July 7, 2009

i can't sign...

we had a very last minute call come in. i knew we wouldn't make it to the drop by 1700. i asked if the company would be closed but the man had no idea. he said to try anyway and if it didn't work out to just send it out in the morning. sure...why not? if it's undeliverable then it's more money for the messenger. i send him an order to bring the package to base which ends up paying a car rate. not a bad way to end the day.

anyway...i send 1117 to take care of business. he's at the mart and the pick is at 600 west chicago coming into the loop. no problem until he gets to the drop...


j.dot...what up? what up? you got a p.o.d?

1117...naw, not yet. im at the drop but the lady at the desk said she can't get up from her desk to sign. she asked if i could leave the package at the door and she will pick it up at 1800(six) when she can finally get up from her desk.

j.dot...wait, what? how did the lady tell you this? is there an intercom or something?

1117...nope. im starring right at her. she's probably 8 feet away from me. it's a couple of glass doors that are closed so i can't get in and the lady keeps saying she can't get up from her desk till six.


...i could not stop laughing. why can't the lady get up for less than 10 seconds? what if she has to pee? what if she drops her pen and it rolls away from her sitting zone? maybe i should do her a favor and report this injustice to the city of chicago labor department? she can't get up from her desk to sign? give me a break. get your lazy a** up and sign...ha!

j.dot...it's not that she can't get up. it's that she's scared of you. i don't blame her...i've seen you.

1117...well, she yelled out her name for me but she won't sign because...well, she can't get up from her desk i guess.

...we left the box in front of the glass doors where she can see the box. we filled her name in. this is too much. i wish i could have been there to witness this mess. she can't get up? is she handcuffed and at six someone comes out to unlock her? is she mechanically attached to the chair and an alarm goes off to let her loose? hahahhahhahahaha...i still can't stop laughing. silly receptionists...peace.

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