Monday, July 13, 2009

gotta make money...

well...we finally hit the plateau if you will. it's an even rate at which jobs come in from here on out. work...well, it just doesn't exist. there's nothing to do except wait out the summer and hope the fall and winter gets here sooner rather than later. i know, i know, im usually posting about how horrible winters can be. how horrible the weather can be and drain you but, in the end, it's that type of weather that brings you money. usually...after labor day is when work picks up again. after this whole economy meltdown no one really knows if the work will be the way it used to be but we all know that come the cold one wants to deliver packages so they call upon us.

for now what do messengers do to survive the usual slow period which has slowed down even more because of the economic downturn? many have picked up part-time jobs. they put in a full days work as bike couriers and then ride out to their next job. others...well, they just work other courier jobs at the same time. it's not unheard of that messengers will work two different companies at the same time. if you think about sort of makes sense. with so much down-time why not work another company to try and compensate for the slow period?

should this be done? well...when i was messengering i was all about seeing other cats working as hard as they could and make their loot. when i moved into the office to dispatch i didn't care as long as you told me about it. im not the type of cat to rat you out...i understand that people have to eat by any means necessary. im sorta lying...not about rat'n people out but about wanting to know. alot of times im better off not knowing. i would get frustrated from time to time but by the end of the day i would get over it. when you're working on a busy day the last thing you want to think about is how some of your crew may not be able to come through because they are working an extra job. all you want to do is clear the board but, as i said, by the end of the forget that frustration and remember that cats are struggling out there and they need to take matters into their own hands.

should this be done? well...owners of companies don't want messengers they hire to do so. why?'re working for the competition at the same time. you make them look bad or good depending on who you're working for at the time...ha! i can understand this point of view i stated, times are tough. bike messengers have it pretty rough right now. i honestly don't know how these cats stick around and how they survive. work is almost non-existent but they continue to check in and day out. i give all the respect in the world to all messengers braving this economic meltdown. keep up the hustle...peace.

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