Wednesday, July 1, 2009

how long would you go?

this happened sometime last year but i figured why not share with you cats. anyway...1146 is at base a bit down and out. why? cause he has to use a beater bike that he was hoping he wouldn't have to. he was riding through the nasty chicago-type winter when all of a sudden his derailleur cracked in half...f*ck!

1146...yeah man. it popped really loud. i didn't fall or anything it just popped. i thought for sure it would be my frame to go first.! you've been riding the bike like that?!

...i don't know why but the man just felt more comfortable riding his beat up frame rather than some beater bike. in my opinion...the frame he was on was not rideable and he's lucky nothing worse happened to him. so you cats can see what im talking about...

see?!?! he had been riding around with his frame cracked like a maniac thinking it would be ok. well...i guess it was cause it was the derailleur to go first. not sure if he ever picked up a new bike but i know he was pissed/embarrassed to be on the beater bike he had on the side. at least he's still riding? it's slow and cats will make do with whatever they can to make money. it's a pain in the a** to have to spend money time after time on your bike when your check looks like hot garbage.

ride safe out there kids. hopefully work will pick up...peace.

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